A Guide to End-of-Summer Cleaning Projects

end-of-summer cleaning

A change of season is usually a good time to check in on your home and tackle big projects. That includes some cleaning that may often get overlooked in your day-to-day routines. Use this checklist to make sure every part of your home is squeaky clean as we head into autumn.

1. Clean the Carpets

When is the last time your carpets were cleaned? Most professionals advise having carpets professionally cleaned once a year. Tips for finding the best pro? Be sure to ask around for recommendations from friends, check out Yelp reviews in your area, and also keep an eye out for eco-friendly carpet cleaners.

2. Clean tile and/or grout

Grout is not easy to clean, especially after a summer of kids running in and out of the yard and bringing more dirt inside. Whether you hire a professional or you tackle it on your own, now is a good time to clean it…prepping for the holidays, right? For an all natural approach, try mixing vinegar and warm water and scrubbing with a grout brush.

3. Wash outside windows

This can be a tough task, especially if you don’t have a 10-foot ladder, but windows should be washed outside regularly. This can be a DIY project or professionally done as well.

4. Clean your cabinets

Unless you have white or lighter colored cabinets, cleaning them can often go overlooked. It’s a great idea to clean cabinets both inside and out to get rid of dust, crumbs, stains etc. Be sure to care for your cabinets appropriately – different finishes have different cleaning requirements. Here is an overview of cabinet care.

5. Dust and wipe down forgotten spots

  • Baseboards: It is a hassle to get down on hands and knees to wipe down baseboards, so these often are forgotten. Set aside some time to do just this, and your baseboards will look great again in just one afternoon.
  • Banisters: The stair banister is touched often, but many people may forget to dust it. Take care to wipe down the whole banister, as well as all handrails and other railing around your staircase.
  • Ceiling fans: Out of sight, out of mind, right? Ceiling fans gather a lot of dust and cobwebs, and it is important to wipe them down regularly.