Back to School Storage Ideas for Your Home


 August is definitely the new September when it comes to back to school, and believe it or not it’s time for many kids across the country to head back into the classroom. For parents, this means a sudden influx of laundry, school supplies, lunch items, backpacks and more––combined with a hectic schedule. Translation? Things just got real––and unorganized. But life doesn’t have to stay that way; you can win the back to school battle! This year can go differently––less stressful and less chaotic with these back to school home organization ideas that will help you claw back that little bit of time each day. So this August, why not head back instead to a peaceful, happy home? 

Make Your Entryway Work for You

If you have kids then you know that there is opportunity everywhere in your home for messes, especially the entryway or mudroom. This is where your family walks in the front door and immediately starts dropping things…backpacks, shoes, jackets, sports equipment. Suddenly your home looks messy and disorganized from the moment people walk in. But there is a way it can work for you can make this area work for you. Consider a built-in cabinet in the space that is both functional and beautiful, and will make your entry feel organized and stylish. Features that will make it an effective home organizational solution include:

  • A storage bench (ideal for hiding sports bags and equipment while keeping them handy)
  • Cubbies to store shoes and bags
  • Hooks to hang sweaters, scarves, hats, etc.
  • A long cabinet for hanging jackets and other outerwear items

Give Them Their Own Space

You’ll eliminate some of the back to school clutter challenges if kids have their own homework space they can use. The kitchen is probably one of the best places to add an area or desk where kids can spread out, store their school supplies, and complete their work in an organized way––all while under your watchful eye. By having their own space complete with organizational tools you are containing any homework mess to one area, and it’s easier to engage them in cleaning up. Add these following items to create a functional homework space:

  • Built-in or a regular desk that fits the area along with a comfortable, yet stylish chair
  • Add shelving for books, and baskets with school supplies for easy storage
  • Purchase a desk lamp
  • Include appropriate charging stations for phones & laptops

Clean Up Your Laundry Room 

There is something about heading back to school that makes the laundry pile up. Get things sorted out by considering investing in a laundry room remodel, complete with built-in cabinets. Cabinetry in your laundry room will help you maximize the little space you have. Plus, you can choose the design and finish, which will give you the opportunity to make your laundry room look however you want. When considering built-in cabinets, some time saver tips include:

  • Include space to keep laundry baskets; enough where you can have everyone in your home sort their clothes by color to save time
  • Keep similar items in the same location. Put things like laundry detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers and an iron in one cabinet.  
  • It can also be a great location to store those school supplies, create charging stations for electronics, or store backpacks on hooks. Consider dedicating a drawer or two for all the supplies the kids will need throughout the year. 

No matter what your budget, there are changes you can make to your laundry room that will help everyone stay more organized during the week, and cut down on last minute morning chaos of looking for clothes or uniforms. 

Teach Them To Organize Their Closet 

Think how easy your mornings would go if you and your little one knew where everything was? Organizing their closet may seem like a big task, but teaching your child how to keep things neat and tidy will go beyond just making things easier, they learn time management skills that will benefit them in the long run. Some ideas to get them motivated include: making cleaning up a game, give them chores to own themselves, and set clean up timelines. Here are few closet organization ideas that will set them up for success all year long:

  • Start by taking everything out of the closet and work with your child to sort through items. Create piles (keep, donate, don’t belong, seasonal, toys, books, trash, etc.). Once the closet is empty, you can better see the space and the items that need to be stored to determine the best solutions.
  • Get down on your child’s level and look at the closet. Are rods too high? Are shelves adult height making it difficult to reach things or put them away? Consider adding lower shelves, a double rod, and a step stool that will make it easy for them to put things away on their own.
  • Use a variety of storage options that will hold things such as shoes and toys and everything in between. Have fun (but keep things coordinated) by using bold colors, or use clear bins to make sure everything is easily seen.
  • Keep things tidy and let the kids have a little fun at the same time. Try a “Clothes for Each Day” hanging organizer. Clothing tags allow you to organize your child’s clothes by size, color and type of clothing. This can help teach your little ones how to put their things back where they belong.