Make 2019 The Most Productive Yet with These Home Office Organizing Ideas

With more than 50% of the workforce expected to work remotely by 2020, creating a functional home office is more important than ever…and the beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate your space. As we celebrate “National Clean Off Your Desk Day” on January 14th, here are a few tips that will help you make 2019 your most productive yet.


If your desk area is simple and clean, you are less likely to feel stressed. Declutter and you’ll find everything runs smoother. So where to start? Step one? Take a look around and figure out how you work during the day. What do you really need? Files? Notepads? Pens? Then organize those things, or throw them out. Then spend some time and rework your technology…hide cords, create a place for your phone to sit, and add a convenient place for chargers. Also consider doing a digital desktop and an email clean up…time to unsubscribe to those lists!

Make your office separate

To be your most productive, your space should be completely separate from the rest of your house. This is true in terms of space and also decor. Consider doing something totally different in your home office. The goal is to detach yourself from the normal tasks and energy of your household…allowing you to focus on your work.

Turn to the pros

Not quite sure how to get truly organized? Look to a professional to come in and work with you. Not only can they help you get your home office in tip-top shape, they can also help with time management and daily productivity advice. If your dream office includes a built-in space, then turn to design professionals to help you build out the best options for your type of business or profession. Get inspired with some ideas from our home office gallery.