Prepare Your Mudroom for Winter with These Easy Steps


“Mudroom” is just an expression…their goal is to actually keep the mud out, along with the snow, ice and dirt of winter. Looking for some ways to get the job done in an organized way? Try these mudroom tips this winter.

1. Place outdoor mats on both sides of the doors

Doing so reduces the amount of snow and mud tracked into your home…plus it allows people to get out of the cold and into the warmth quickly. No need to stand on the front porch wiping off muddy boots!

2. Set a boot tray next to the door

Designed specifically to keep floors clean, a boot tray is an organized way to hold boots, shoes and wet umbrellas without the mess.

3. Keep only winter items in the mudroom during the winter

Declutter the area by removing fall jackets, sweaters and other types of warmer weather outerwear. Also move any sporting equipment that might be laying around.

4. Prevent clutter with a great storage system

Create designated places for coats, gloves, hats, scarves and snow pants with storage solutions such as cubbies with hooks and storage boxes, or storage benches which also provide a place to sit and remove outer clothing and boots.