Seven Easy Bathroom Organizing Ideas for the New Year

Seven Easy Bathroom Organizing Ideas for the New Year

How can such a little room get so out of hand? The bathroom, where cabinets and drawers are stuffed full of small bottles and containers of cleansers, nail polishes, hair ties, brushes, shampoos, etc., can easily become completely unorganized and products out of date. So since it’s the new year and we’re in a “getting organized” state of mind, here are seven steps to getting your bathroom under control.

1. Start with a good purge and cabinet cleaning

Take everything out of the cabinets and drawers and start purging. Dump expired and unused items as well as things in bulky packaging that take up room in your cabinets, then group items together by usage. Once your cabinet and drawers are empty, clean cabinets and surfaces to prep for your newly organized products. Once this step is all done, you can figure out what type of organizers will work best for your family.

2. Try a Lazy Susan

Speaking of organizers, consider trying a Lazy Susan. Instead of storing bathroom products by lining them up; add a Lazy Susan to make everything easily accessible. There are some fun new styles…everything from wood to mirrored finishes that will add texture and interest to your organization!

3. Repurpose wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are not just for the floor or inside cabinets. Try hanging them up to hold regularly used items that can take up cabinet space such as toilet paper and towels.

4. Use everyday items for hair accessories

If you have girls, then you know hair accessories are usually everywhere! Try these creative ideas for storage such as ring clips for hair bands, paper clip holders for bobby pins, and clothes pins for headbands.

5. Put Mason Jars to work

If you are running out of cabinet space, hang small storage displays such as wood-backed mason jars on the wall to hold makeup brushes, toothbrushes, cotton balls, etc.

6. Try a cart for more storage

A cart is perfect for towels, nail polish, makeup and more. Plus it’s mobile, so if you have multiple kiddos sharing one bathroom, they can each have their own cart they can wheel in from their bedroom.

7. Organize and store styling tools

Use a container that allows flat irons and hair dryers to cool as well as stay organized. This eliminates messy countertops and cords hanging everywhere each day after use.