Summer Organization Projects For The Kids

Summer Organization Projects For The Kids

Now that the kids are home for summer, you may quickly notice how much time you spend planning activities. They’re not in school for several hours a day, so keeping them entertained has somehow fallen on your shoulders! That’s where these summer vacation project ideas come into play. Keep reading for three ideas that keep them busy and organize your home.

The “hangout” area

Where do your kids spend the most of their time? If it’s not in their room, then they likely have a hangout area, so this project is ideal for teenagers. Assign your children this area to organize early on in their summer break. It gets the space cleaned up before they’ve been home all summer. And don’t forget to set some ground rules about keeping the space clean. Providing them a few quick organization tips can go a long way!

Tackle the closets

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about kids it’s that they constantly grow out of clothes. With that said, closets easily get overpopulated with clothing. Have your kids go through their closet wardrobe and put everything that they can’t wear anymore in a “donate” pile. One good place to start is with the winter wardrobe…get those puffy coats and pants out of the way to free up closet space. After all, they won’t be needing them in the warm weather.  

The game or video room

Whether your kids are into video games or board games, you’ve likely got a room to store them. Either way, it’s time to get the space organized. Have the kids go through their games that they no longer play. They’ll likely find all kinds of goods like former game controllers or board pieces that went missing. You can even incentivize them with a little cash because stores like GameStop even offer programs where you can sell your old games for cash or trade. But don’t stop there… have them rearrange the space to have their favorite games in an easily accessible area. We recommend keeping them in a cabinet nearby to keep it uncluttered.