Update Your Mudroom or Entryway for Back-to-School Season


Back-to-school season is here, and while that brings a lot of excitement, it also brings a lot more foot traffic in and out of the house every day. To help control the chaos of backpacks, sports bags, shoes, socks and jackets, this is the perfect time of year to update your mudroom or entryway and make that transition from summer to back-to-school.

1. First, clean

Before evaluating what furniture or storage you need, clean out what is already there, and think about how you really want to utilize your space for the upcoming year. Take into consideration your children’s age, activities, and interests.

2. Focus on function

We all want an adorable, picture-worthy mudroom or entryway, but the most important reason to organize and update it is to make sure it serves its purpose.

3. Start simple

Start with the basics: shoe storage, coat and backpack hangers, and a bench or someplace to sit for putting on shoes. You may also want to add shelving or baskets to hold random odds and ends, keys, books, glasses, and more. If you want to make a real investment, you can add some cabinetry or built-in shelving.

4. Create a command center

This space in your home is also a great place to organize your family’s calendar. You may want to hang up a whiteboard or bulletin board, a large, writable calendar, or some other type of tool to track special dates and important events. This is the spot to hang permission slips, write reminders and pencil in important PTA meetings or kids’ activities.

5. Accessorize

With the basics in place, you can add a few cute accessories to make your mudroom or entryway more aesthetically pleasing. Hang a mirror for a quick last look before heading out the door. Add some colorful artwork (this can even be done by the kids!) or a vase of succulents to brighten everyone’s mood. You can also buy some fun magnets, colorful whiteboard markers, etc. to bring some pizzazz to the busy space.