Cornerstone Details

Cornerstone custom cabinetry features a wide range of options, for everything from the construction style to hinges, interiors, drawer guides and more. Click the “+” below to see the selections available. Visit the PDF Downloads page for brochures and product line specification info.

Framed, Inset and Beaded Inset
Framed cabinetry features a face frame that is placed over the front of the cabinet box; the doors are then attached to this frame.
With Inset construction, the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are recessed (inset) and flush with the face frame.
Beaded Inset cabinetry has a small groove routed into the face frame, outlining the perimeter of the door.
Door and Drawer Front Overlays
Traditional overlay doors and drawer fronts overlay the face frame 1/2″ on each side, leaving a 1″ reveal on the top, bottom and sides of the frame.
Modified overlay doors and drawer fronts are larger, so they show 1″ of the face frame at the top and bottom and just 1/4″ of the frame on the sides.
Inset doors and drawer fronts are set into the frame, so the entire face frame is visible. The gap between the doors and fronts and the face frame is 3/32″ on all sides.


Many Cornerstone door styles are offered in multiple overlays. See the styles available for Modified, Inset and Traditional overlays.

Door Edge Details
Many wood doors come with options for the outside edge profile on the door and drawer fronts. Others have a standard edge that complements the style of the door. Ask your designer for edge options on your favorite door.
Hinge & Lift Options
Concealed hinges are available for both Traditional and Modified overlay doors. One-piece hinges are fully adjustable.
The concealed inMotion hinge option includes an integrated soft-close feature. (Side-hinged doors only.)
Finial Ball hinges for Inset cabinetry are available in four colors and are semi-concealed by the cabinet door.
Concealed hinges for Inset cabinetry are fully concealed by the cabinet door and open 110 degrees.
inMotion Concealed hinges for Inset cabinetry feature a one-piece design that includes the soft close function.

Vertical Lift hardware from Blum includes integrated angle restriction for a range of opening heights.
Bifold hinges create a two-part door that folds in the center when opening for easier reach.
Parallel lift doors pull slightly forward, then lift straight up for a modern update on the appliance garage.
Interior Options
White vinyl (WHTV) is available on both particleboard and plywood.
Woodgrain laminate (WGL) is available with both particleboard and plywood.
(FMI) interior matches all parts of the interior to the exterior finish. It is offered for both particleboard and plywood.
Adding a beaded back panel (FMI_BIB) to a finished interior is very popular with open cabinets. The option is offered for both particleboard and plywood.
Drawer Construction & Guides

All box options shown below are also available as roll-out trays

PLYdovetail1/2″ solid wood dovetail drawer boxes are standard.
HWDWRdovetailOptional 5/8″ hardwood dovetail boxes are also available.
Premium 5/8″ maple dovetail boxes add a touch of luxury.

5UMFEGsBlum under mount full-extension guides with inMotion “self-closing” system are standard on all drawers and roll-outs.
Wood Species

In addition to the wood species shown below, Cornerstone cabinetry is available in white or creme Thermofoil, white and almond LPL Laminates, and over 70 solid Wilsonart® HPL colors.