Deck The Halls With These Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Deck The Halls With These Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our favorite holiday traditions. Whether your tree is straight from the tree farm or it’s an artificial one from a nearby grocery store, it will still be the main holiday display in your home. Use one of these four themes to put your Christmas tree on display.

Black and white

If your home is flowing with modern elements then a black and white theme will flow with your home’s design. You may be concerned that a black and white theme isn’t festive enough, but have no fear! Add black or white ribbon, white lights for your tree, and faux marble ornaments to tie in the holiday feel and the elegant design. This decor is perfect if you prefer frosted artificial trees!

Scandinavian flair

A theme full of geometric flair is ideal for contemporary homes with minimal color palettes. To play off your modern cabinets and kitchen, recruit ornaments of geometric shapes like stars, rectangles and diamonds made of different materials: wood, paper, metal, felt, glass, etc. The array of materials, while incorporating only a few colors, brings texture and dimension to your tree as a whole. Now, if you’re looking for a design that’s more family friendly, keep reading!

Personalized ornaments

If a sophisticated decor is not your style, the personalized theme is up your alley. Custom order paw print ornaments of your pets, custom calligraphy ornaments or have your children paint their very own to hang on the tree. It’s a way to pay tribute to the importance of family, and display the importance of each family member. As an added benefit, get your little ones involved in the decorating and there’s less work for you!

Rustic woodland

A rustic woodland theme is probably the most festive of the four decor ideas. Think of all the rustic elements you can imagine: pinecones, plaid, wood, wreaths, and gingerbread men. As a tree topper, you can even utilize a light-up rustic star to tie it all together. Try to imagine what a Christmas tree would look like in the North Pole!