Five Kitchen Design Trends to Watch in 2018 and Beyond

Five Kitchen Design Trends to Watch in 2018 and Beyond

If you’re planning on remodeling in the coming year, then it’s always a good idea to take a look at what the hot new home design trends are. From bold colors to natural textures and unique finishes, here are five design trends we love that will define 2018.

1. Color sets the tone

Colors will range from natural neutrals to more exotic shades of orange, golds, deep blues, and sage greens. Expect to see these bold colors used in kitchens designs. Cornerstone and Millennia’s Curated Paints Collection captures a range of these hues in several of the trending colors.

2. Dark colored kitchens are here to stay

Award-winning designs include at least one dark tone…think warm wood tones such as rich mahogany. What’s new is dark colors are off-set with lighter and brighter colors; creating a visually entertaining experience and adding sophistication.

3. Cabinet materials & finishes: it’s about balance

High-quality materials are blended with sophisticated color selections to really make a statement. Think wood, concrete and glass paired with an unexpected choice of navy cabinets. You can also consider a balance of styles in your kitchen. In 2018 it will be perfectly okay to bring together modern with rustic styles for a unique combination.

4. Industrial style kitchens

What began as the reclaiming of warehouses and factories in the 1980s, is now a full blown design style you’ll begin to see a lot more of. Combine textures…from classic marble, brick, concrete, and glass, to warm oak finishes. Bring in the warmth in your design with robust dark materials (sinks, countertops, shelves) combined with wooden structures (cabinets, tables, accent elements).

5. Innovative kitchen countertops

Granite is definitely timeless and still big on our list, but other options on the market are creating eye-catching solutions for countertops…creating an opportunity for them to take center stage in your kitchen. Whether you love quartz, metal or reclaimed wood, make sure your choice is as durable as it is beautiful.