Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Decor

Fun and Festive Thanksgiving Decor

Most people think the best part about Thanksgiving is the food, but we love decorating for the big day. After all, the best part about any celebration is the fun and festive decor! Follow these five Thanksgiving decor ideas, and your table will never look better.

Fall-themed centerpiece

Obviously, the first start to any festive Thanksgiving is a seasonal centerpiece. The centerpiece in the featured image blends fall and Thanksgiving themes with its use of pumpkins, greenery and warm florals. You could take it a step further by adding more fall colors, such as orange and reds, into the placemats.

Funky place card holder

If you want to add another element to your centerpiece, add a funky place card holder that your guests will love. A mini pumpkin is an affordable and jovial place holder idea that is easy to create. Either place your mini pumpkin over a card holder with your guest’s name, or tie on a card holder to the stalk. And if you want to get your kids involved (or get them out of the kitchen while you cook), send them out in the yard to find leaves for your fall leaf place holder. Just write your guests’ names with a Sharpie, and call it a day!

Freshen up that entryway

variegated crotonDon’t make your guests wait until they get to the table to feel those Thanksgiving vibes. Freshen up that entryway! A front door wreath is a necessity, and create a welcoming doorway by lining it with piles of pumpkins and festive foliage like variegated croton. You can even house mark with a pumpkin, or let the kids paint your address number to get them in the Thanksgiving spirit.

Thanksgiving tree of thanks

The Thanksgiving tree of thanks is an awesome way to get the family involved in the meaning of your Thanksgiving celebration. Secure a tree branch in a vase, make the tree’s leaves with cutout paper and hang them from your Thanksgiving tree branches. Ask everyone in the family to write what they are thankful for, and soon your tree will be flowing with what everyone loves most. This is also a backup plan if you haven’t had time to pull together your festive centerpiece.

Add glimmer strings to the outdoor sitting area

You know the saying: too many cooks in the kitchen! Focus on your outdoor area if you’ve got a big family or a large number of guests coming to your Thanksgiving dinner. Add additional lighting like patio light strings to draw people outdoors and depopulate your dining area.