The Latest Trends Prove It’s Okay To Splurge On The Entryway

The Latest Trends Prove It’s Okay To Splurge On The Entryway

How much time has been spent updating your home’s entryway? For some, the focus is on larger rooms… after all, who has time for the entryway when there is a kitchen design and bathroom remodel to finish!? However, the tides are changing. Houzz data experts found that more homeowners wish to enhance their entryways in 2017 like never before. Since these latest trends prove it’s okay to splurge on the entryway, here are three interior entrance design ideas to pull off that first impression.

Tiled floor

If you have a traditional foyer entryway, a small patch of ceramic-patterned or hand-painted tile can be all the space needs to up the it factor. The tile easily stands out as the statement piece, which makes the rest of the entryway decor pretty simple to pull together. Plus, ceramic tile is a great idea for the entryway as it’s incredibly durable! Take it a step further, and keep those toes warm by opting for a heated entryway.

Incorporate pattern or color

Pattern and texture have been two of the latest trends in home decor, so it makes sense to include them in the entryway. While a rug or fun wallpaper can be just enough personality, try to think of a few entryway furniture ideas too… a patterned bench or a colorful entryway table are both great ideas! Just be careful that you don’t overwhelm the space with too much pattern. And remember, we want the house to flow from room to room. Consider how the entryway design leads into your living room or kitchen and whether it clashes with the cabinet styles and furniture.

Oversized mirrors

If you’re going to splurge on the entryway, then spend it on mirrors… they go a long way, we promise! Since they’re reflective, a group of mirrors or a single, oversized one can create an illusion to make the space feel larger than it is. In reality, they’re extremely practical as well — who doesn’t need to look in a mirror when first entering a home?