Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry room design ideas

The laundry room is more than just a place where you wash your clothes. It’s an extension of your kitchen and living space just like any other room in the house, which is why we’re seeing an increase in themed laundry rooms. Keep these four design ideas in mind to pack your laundry room with style!


The idea of a coast-inspired laundry room is the result of the popularity of outdoor-indoor living spaces. Coast-inspired elements, such as colors like sand and soft greys or blues in combination with other materials that feel natural, connect the room to the outdoors. Employ ivory-colored custom cabinets to utilize every square inch of the laundry room to blow your coast-inspired, cozy laundry room out of the water. Decorate further with black and white picture frames as well as a raffia rug or sitting stool.

Savvy storage

Your space can be eye-catching even if your laundry room is less than tiny! Aiming for a savvy storage design is the appropriate choice for a snug laundry room space. In this case, make the entire room all about funky storage spaces and enhancing the room. Opt for light, possibly frameless cabinets to enhance the small space, and even consider glass doors. Put effort into storage elements: add intricately trimmed shelve edges, glass or crystal peg racks to hang wet items on, and a hidden ironing board that you can fold down when necessary.

Contemporary approach

The laundry room is an extension of the home, and nothing is more fitting for a modern home than a contemporary laundry room. Think clean lines and a minimalistic approach using a simple color palette of white and black. Contemporary cabinetry is the easy cabinet choice here, but place the emphasis on your washer and dryer. Consider purchasing a brightly colored machine, such as a rich red or whatever flows with the rest of your home, which will act as the room’s focal point.


The hideaway design idea is genius if you live in an apartment or have a closet-like laundry room. Just play up the small space! Choose a more compact washer and dryer so that they fit entirely inside your hideaway laundry room. Then add a single shelf just above the appliances to hang supplies on. You can add a sliding door to completely obstruct view; after all, the goal is for guests not to realize there’s a laundry room hiding behind the door. You can even incorporate a horizontal drop down folding shelf on one side wall. Do we sense an unused closet renovation coming on?