Three Reasons Why Wood-Look Tile is A Better Choice

wood-look tiles

As one of the most popular flooring trends of 2017, wood-look style flooring seems to be an option that is here to stay. Let’s take a look at some reasons why it not only looks good, but might actually be a better choice for your home.

1. It’s tough

Scrapes, dings, nicks, scratches…you name it…wood-look tile can handle it. All of these issues are much less likely to occur, plus it protects from moisture, so it’s an ideal solution for kitchens and baths.

2. Variety provides flexibility

Our guess is because of the popularity, manufacturers are now offering larger plank styles such as 8” x 48” tiles along with a greater choice in colors.

3. Easier on your budget

Even the most expensive options are a great value when you consider how durable and low maintenance they are. Design and color options are available for a price that is easier on your budget than wood choices.