Three Steps To Achieve Classic French Interior Design

Three Steps To Achieve Classic French Interior Design

Whether it’s the traditional country kitchen or the Parisian glamour, obsessing over French style is nothing new. If you’ve ever thought that this style was unachievable, think again! Follow these three steps to achieve the classic French style in your own home’s interior.

It’s all about white

One of the best features of a classic French country home is the warm atmosphere. There are not many bold colors, but it’s all about the white! One of the keys to achieving this warm atmosphere is to choose a shade of white that is not only cool, but has a yellow undertone. This blends nicely with natural light, which together create that cozy atmosphere. Royal embellishments and architectural details bring added texture to walls. So when you’re designing your classic French country home, make sure to include crown molding and multiple layers of boiserie in your design!

Add a touch of lavishness

While the traditional color scheme may be simple, the French interior design always has a touch of lavishness! Just picture the grand chandeliers, large gold mirrors and bold furniture pieces you’d find in a French home. Gilding is a classic French design element that adds royalty to any space. Plus, its gold tones help to bring out the brightness in the room.

The traditional country kitchen

We couldn’t achieve classic French interior design without the traditional country kitchen, it just wouldn’t be right! Obviously, white is the theme here, but this style of kitchen requires traditional cabinetry with a distressed look. And thankfully, you don’t need to find ancient cabinets to pull this off! Artisan distressing is a simple way to achieve the antique look in your kitchen cabinets. Don’t forget, the traditional country kitchen looks full of love and definitely lived in, so the architectural elements and hardware are anything but modern. Vintage pieces, like chairs, serving plates or a coffee table are a fun way to bring your country kitchen back in time.