Top Kitchen Trends You Should Try in 2018

Top Kitchen Trends You Should Try in 2018

Welcome 2018! Which for many of us who are ready for a fresh start means it’s time for an “out with the old and in with the new” mentality when it comes to design trends for your home. This year get ready to say goodbye to all white kitchens, accent walls, word art, and random architectural elements, and say hello to these five bold trends you’ve got to try in your kitchen this year.  

1. Jewel tones

2018 is going bold with jewel tones. In December, Pantone named Ultra Violet their Color of the Year, and it is stunning. Using jewel tones in your kitchen will bring energy, creativity and personality to the room…who doesn’t want a kitchen filled with positivity?!

Think retro violet fridges, bar stool cushions, painted island cabinets, and tile backsplashes as ways to go bold with jewel tones in the room.

2. More cabinetry

Whether it’s a backlash against open shelving in kitchens, or just a desire for more cabinet space, we are definitely seeing more kitchens this year with abundant cabinetry. As this renewed appreciation for cabinet styles and finishes becomes more popular, we are seeing people move away from stark white cabinets with shifts towards warm grays, blues and greens, as well as wood grain tones.

3. Brass

Brass is back and better than ever. The aged finished is used as hardware on kitchen cabinets, in light fixtures, pots and pans, and even kitchen faucets.

4. Wabi-Sabi

Haven’t heard of this yet? Well Wabi-Sabi is defined as the Japanese art of finding beauty in the imperfection. In home design, this translates to objects that are handmade or hand-painted.

In the kitchen, you can add touches of rough linens, and rugs or pottery…which work to create a personal, organic aesthetic in the room.

5. Stone

The 2018 kitchen designs that incorporate stone are using unexpected iterations of the material such as gray and green, along with alabaster, marble, and onyx. Timeless yet modern, stone adds depth and complexity to kitchen designs.