2019 Kitchen Design Trends We Are Following

As the new year begins, you may be considering a kitchen remodel. However, deciding where to start and how to create the kitchen of your dreams…that also has some serious staying power…may seem a little overwhelming. Our recommendation? Start by researching the latest kitchen design trends for 2019 and find your inspiration.  

Design Trend #1: Get a little moody

Say goodbye to white and consider going a little darker. Add unexpected color with paint, appliances and cabinets. Think vibrant colors such as greens, terracottas, and blue tones, and go with those that make the room feel elegant and energetic. Worried about going too bold? Use pottery, art, and other decor to bring those colors to  your kitchen…this gives you the opportunity to try out different colors without a major initial investment.

Design Trend #2: Bring on the heavy metal

From copper cookware to metal vent hoods, metal allows you to make a statement in your kitchen. Also consider copper sheeting as a backsplash and copper hardware on cabinets to add age-old warmth to the room. Corrugated metal also makes for an excellent choice as a backsplash, or sheet metal as a countertop, or even us it as ceiling tiles to add a rustic appeal to the room.

Design Trend #3: Matte is where it’s at

Matte finishes in cabinet choices is where design trends are headed in 2019. Not only do they look sleek, this timeless style is much easier to keep clean too! And an added bonus? Matte finishes offer a variety of colors…allowing you to also bring some memorable ideas to your kitchen remodel.

Design Trend #4: Keep it minimal

Less is definitely more in 2019. From the Scandinavian concept of Hygge (think clutter-free counters, warmth, soft lighting), to modern, contemporary designs, kitchens are making a move towards simpler designs. When it comes to cabinets, go frameless and eliminate moulding to make a minimal statement. As you look to create clutter-free countertops, consider under-counter appliances when it comes to microwaves and refrigerators.  

Design Trend #5: What’s old is new again

Vintage is everywhere…the 70s are inspiring designers in 2019, and we are even seeing it in kitchens. From rattan to vintage light fixtures, these pieces are being mixed with modern cabinetry and tiles to create a traditional design with a bit of a vintage vibe.