3 Bold Ideas for Your Bedroom Accent Wall


If you’re looking for an impactful way to change the entire vibe in your bedroom, an accent wall is the way to go. By focusing on one wall, you can take some chances with design ideas…ideas that fit any budget and style. Our best advice? Use this wall as a chance to express yourself in what is probably the most personal room in your home and have fun with the creative process!

Wallpaper it

Use that accent wall behind your bed to take things to a new level of interest by covering it with an artistic or patterned wallpaper. A pattern will help boost the level of liveliness in the room and create some energy in the space. Wallpaper can be affordable too…you can introduce an impactful design with just a few feet of wallpaper.

Go bold

And by bold, we mean really bold. This isn’t about just painting one wall a darker shade of the paint on your other walls, we are suggesting going bright with rich colors. Consider oranges, blues, and greens…the trick is to choose something completely different, but still works with other accents in the room.

Add depth and dimension

A subtle shift in color, pattern, or texture can do wonders to elegantly add to the design of your room. From shiplap to vertical raised paneling, there are many ways to add architectural elements to your accent wall.