3 Steps to a Cozy Bedroom You’ll Love

cozy bedroom

The seasons are changing so why not make some cozy changes to your bedroom? As the weather gets cooler, you may find yourself spending more time in the comfort of your bedroom, so you owe it to yourself to make it a place where you can relax, unwind, and feel completely comfortable being yourself. Your home is for all who come and visit, but this is the one room that is for YOU. Here are a few ways you can make some changes in your bedroom you’ll love this fall.

Accent a wall

Painting one wall in your bedroom can be an easy way to bring warmth to your room. From rich yellows and oranges to calming greens and creams, paint can breathe new life into your bedroom. Whatever color you choose, be sure to use it to complement different decor aspects in the room. Like maybe blue curtains with brown lines, a white chair with a sage green pillow, and so on. Be creative, but make sure they work together.

Create Symmetry

Symmetry has a calming effect on a room and helps create a sense of order. Plus this gives you the opportunity to organize things a bit in your bedroom and closet. Nothing says “peaceful” like a well-organized space!


Last, but certainly not least, personalize your space. A room is not your room until you find ways to make it your own. Make sure to add or change out some of your personal details – candles, family photos, family heirlooms, items you’ve gotten on trips, some greenery… whatever it is, make sure it speaks to who you are and makes you feel at home.