5 Ideas to Take Away from This Year’s Trendiest Closets


Judging by the design ideas we are currently seeing on Pinterest and Houzz, gone are the days where the closet was a small, functional room just to organize and store “stuff” hidden away from eyesight. In fact, it seems almost as though we are returning back to the days when the idea of a closet actually began. During the Medieval period, wealthy homeowners began adding closets to their bedrooms as a place to store treasured possessions, as well as somewhere to go for prayer, reading, and private reflection. Considering what we are seeing on the market today, it looks as though the modern closet is combining the best of the early trends and coming full circle as the organized, yet private sanctuary found in closets of the past. Here are five ideas from this year’s trendiest closet renovations to help you get inspired to create the closet design of your dreams.  

1. Give it a Workout

Take it from Khole Kardashian, your closet has everything to do with getting fit. The reality TV star’s 150 square foot fitness closet keeps everything from shoes to leggings organized and easy to find…no excuses here! The room includes a mini-fridge for water, space for workout equipment such as kettlebells and yoga mats, clear built-in drawers for sports bras and biking shorts, plus even a display case for sweatbands. Additional custom closet ideas include plenty of room for hanging activewear (organized by color of course!), and several shelves for displaying fitness shoes. So whether you incorporate these design ideas into a section of your existing closet, or build a separate closet dedicated to fitness in your home, you’ll love how easy it is to keep you and your closet in tip-top shape.

2. Your Own Personal Boutique

Have you ever heard the phrase “shopping your own closet?” There are some simple ways you can make your closet your own personal boutique, from organizing tips to design ideas. In fact this design idea was the number three top saved closet design lookbook created on Houzz. Create your own boutique vibe with design ideas such as custom drawers and accessories featuring antique pulls, a center closet “island” with clear glass drawers and countertop space for displaying favorite accessories, and maybe even add a beautiful chandelier to round out the look.

3. Make the Most of Your Spare

Have a spare room or guest room? If adjacent to your master bedroom, consider transforming that space into your own private dressing room. One of the trendiest ideas right now is to get rid of traditional closet doors and design the space with built in wall-to-wall cabinets of varying sizes that also include pull-outs for shoe storage. This keeps the space looking tidy, yet organized, leaving room for other dressing room features such as a small sofa or chair, a table, and full-length mirrors. Built-in cabinets with high storage are also an ideal way to store seasonal clothes and shoes. You’ll love the extra room this closet design solution gives you in your master bedroom closet too!

4. A Space for Shoes

If you are a serious fashionista, then your shoe collection is nothing short of glorious, right? Well so many people agree, shoe storage solutions is one of the top trends in closet design in 2019. From open shelving to a section to hang boots, those with serious shoe game are breaking all the rules to showcase their collection. And what’s the best way to store your shoes once you choose your design? Experts say display your shoes with one toe facing out, one heel facing out. This let’s you find the pair you are looking for more quickly since you can see the front and back.

5. His and Hers

There really is something for everyone, even in closet designs. If you have the space, consider how to either split up your closet and create a side for each, or actually build two different spaces. Consider all the peace you’ll be bringing to your home with this design idea! The beauty of his and hers closets is each person gets to create a space that best fits their style needs, without getting in the way of the other person. By customizing each closet design, you can include features such as adjustable rods and shelves in both to accommodate individual storage solutions.