5 key design elements every fashionista needs for her walk-in closet 

Custom cabinets are a great design idea for the closet to keep garments and accessories organized.

For some women, the closet is a sacred place to display all things pretty. In order to make this often-used room feel like a personal boutique, every fashionista should have the following design elements in her closet:

1. Maximize storage space – It’s important to use every bit of space possible in the closet. Use closet organizers to create a custom, built-in look for a one-of-a-kind design.

2. Mix and Match- A good closet design is essential for keeping garments and accessories organized. Use a combination of closed drawers, open shelving and hanging racks to display floor-length gowns, purses and jewelry. Drawers are great for storing folded and bulky items like winter sweaters.

3. Shoe Display – Shoes are probably the second most important element to any outfit. Create a space for every type of shoe by including slanted shoe shelves, a “shoe-zen” rack or adjustable flat shelves to neatly display your cute flats, pumps and boots.

4. Great Escape – No closet is complete without an island in the center of the room. Many islands offer additional storage space and may include drawers, cabinets and shelving. Adding chairs, stools or a bench next to the island can provide a seating area for friends to sit and share outfit ideas.

5. Lighting – No matter what type of lighting is used – overhead lighting, chandeliers, shelf spotlights or a sky window, a well-lit closet is a must for any girl with an eye for fashion.