6 Ways to Design a Blank Wall

Been staring at that blank wall in your house for awhile now? How can something so simple seem so intimidating? Finding a solution that allows you to express yourself while bringing some personality to your home is easier than you think. Try these six ideas and watch your space instantly transform itself.

1. Consider a cabinet

This approach is not just for kitchens or dining rooms, but can work well in entryways, bathrooms and living spaces. Find something vintage or a painted breakfront and add pottery, dishes or greenery to make a statement.

2. Use texture on a neutral background

When you combine a neutral, textured large piece of art on a similar lightly painted wall, you’ll find the technique creates depth and interest in a subtle way. Flat sculptures, boxes, and varied frames are a great way to bring this to life.

3. Go crazy with art

We’re serious. Cover every inch of that giant wall with art. Use a few larger complementary pieces in one area, and then bring in smaller prints, mirrors, and ledges to fill the rest of the wall. Consider framing all in one color or mixing colors that work together such as brushed golds and dark woods.  

4. Simple & eclectic

For a more simplistic and rustic look, considering adding a few antique pieces such as mirrors, frames or old photos hanging from leather straps or gold chains. Hang in odd numbers (3-5 at the most) to keep the concept on the minimalist side.

5. Prop up a mirror

This is something anyone can do! One of the easiest ways to dress up a large blank wall is with a mirror.

Forget hanging it…prop the mirror against the wall for a more casual look. You’ll be amazed at how this will open up the space in the room…the light will bounce off the walls!

6. Use a wall hanging

Inexpensive and boho-chic…wall hangings make a casual, relaxed statement in a room. Try this on a large wall above your bed in place of a headboard, in your entryway, or even in the bathroom. You can also stretch them over a large canvas to create your own artwork.