A Look Back at Our Favorite Design Trends of 2018

Designers in 2018 were definitely not afraid to make a statement…from bold colors (even black!), to mother nature as inspiration, designers also looked to the past (vintage was back!) with patterns and wall treatments this year. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite design trends of 2018. Which was your favorite?

Better in black

In 2018 designers all rallied around black. From furniture to prints, cabinets and even walls, black made a comeback big time. Probably one of the most interesting uses of the color we saw this year was with all-black walls. It may seem a little bold, but an all-black wall can create a feeling of power and dramatic elegance in your home. It definitely would be memorable. This trend also showed up in kitchens…where darker shades of cabinets and countertops were offset with natural woods and brass fixtures.

Bringing the outside in

Sustainable living, whether through products or in design features, was a big favorite in 2018. The use of wood and natural stone materials such as gravel, granite, and marble was included in kitchen, baths and dining rooms, as were handcrafted and recycled materials. We saw earthy color schemes overtake the ever popular grey trend, as designers turned to colors you would find in natural settings such as soft greens, browns and blues. The use of plants and greenery was another way designers looked to nature for inspiration…from live plants to leaf covered pillows, or even wallpaper designs.

2018’s “Comeback Kid” was wallpaper

Wallpaper was back this year and better than ever. From dramatic patterns and bold colors, wallpaper was often used in place of artwork and paint. Many of the most popular designs featured landscapes, geometric shapes, and artistic patterns. Thinking of trying this trend in 2019? Find some tips here.

Ceilings make a statement

Want to find one of the biggest design trends this year? All you have to do is look up. The 5th wall in a room (aka the ceiling), made a big impression in 2018. Just like wallpaper, ceilings took on bold patterns and geometric shapes to create an impact in the room.