Alternatives and Complements to Rose Gold

Alternatives and Complements to Rose Gold

We all love rose gold, but hey, we can’t rose-gold the whole world – or everything in our house for that matter. If you’re looking to bring some pizzazz into your home or accessorize a specific room, here’s how to branch out from this popular choice with other materials and colors.

Alternatives to rose gold

From cabinet hardware to vases or soap dishes, there are a number of other trendy, pretty materials you can use instead of rose gold. Consider copper…it lends a timeless feel, but mimics the metallic finish and brightness of rose gold. Stainless steel is also a great option if you want to go with a metal but prefer cooler tones. Or try Sodalite, which is a blue-hued gemstone that lends a bold look to any room, and is a total departure from rose gold. Try it if you really want something new!

Complements to rose gold

If you are a rose gold fanatic and don’t want to do away with it, but want to integrate other colors as well, there are a few good options. For example, grey hues go beautifully with rose gold. You can go grey with cabinets, coffee tables, furniture or accessories. White accessories are also a gorgeous addition to a rose gold palette. The warmth and shine of rose gold when paired with white is clean, simple and inviting. You can also use warm shades of wood, which is nice if you already have existing wood furniture and you’re accessorizing with rose gold.