Avoid wasteful kitchen designs

Homeowners have begun to scale back on their kitchen design to make it more functional.

Some kitchen design styles are fleeting, and one trend on its way out is the concept of large “kitchen stadiums.” People may have gleaned inspiration for the room from celebrity chef shows, but now many homeowners are figuring out the great, industrial room doesn’t fit all lifestyles.

Building an area to fit 20 people when really it’s meant as a gathering place for a family of five makes no sense, according to CNN Money. Additional space for entertaining can be created through open-concept spaces, great rooms and kitchen nooks. Kitchens can still have all of the latest conveniences and technologies, but people should execute their kitchen remodels with functionality and personality in mind, too. Cooks are designing their countertops so that they require less steps between them, and more people are installing pantries and low cabinets to get rid of clutter and keep everything close at hand. 

Homeowners are also starting to pay more attention to energy-efficiency, especially in heavily used rooms like the kitchen . Many people are using high-efficiency compact fluorescent lights and installing Energy Star lighting and appliances. A high-efficiency ceiling fan is also an eco-friendly addition, because it boosts natural ventilation and is quieter than an exhaust fan. Residents can still have beautiful views of their backyard and natural sunlight, but they should consider installing energy-efficient windows and skylights during kitchen renovations.