Bathroom wall design

Create a gallery-like display using floating vanity cabinets in your bathroom design.

If you're looking for an eclectic, unique way to liven up your bathroom space, a floating cabinet design is a creative way to add a gallery-like feel to the room. Modern finishes and a splash of color are all you need to finish the look.

When hanging a gallery of pictures in the home, it's best to create a layout that complements the varying frame sizes you want to hang. The same can be said when hanging custom cabinets. A small vanity cabinet offers minimal storage space, so consider adding an extra cabinet off to the side to keep all of your hygiene necessities within reach. 

Frame an oblong mirror in the bathroom by creating an L-shaped cabinet design. His and hers sinks offer plenty of space to get ready in a shared bathroom. A floating vanity cabinet means you'll never have to kneel down on your tiled floor to reach your blow dryer or razor. Because the rest of the bathroom design is monochromatic, consider implementing a warm wood finish to liven up the bathroom. Frameless cabinets allow you to stick with the contemporary esthetic seen throughout the rest of the space.