Big Design Ideas for Your Small Bedroom


Have a small bedroom? That doesn’t mean you can’t think big when it comes to design ideas. Just by following a few of these design tips, you can create a space you’ll love no matter what the size.   

Understand the space

Layout is important when it comes to smaller rooms. Spend some time in the space, understand the natural light, and see how you walk into the room…making sure it’s easy to navigate to the closet or bathroom. When purchasing furniture, look for things that will fit the scale of the room. With dressers for example, you will need to make sure you have room to open drawers.

Discover your essentials

Small spaces can actually take more time to figure out! Start with your bed…you many have to give up that Cal King you love, go smaller with nightstands (or go with just one), and consider forgoing the dresser and maximize your closet space. Once you determine what you really need, you can start designing the space without it being overcrowded.

Consider color

All white looks good in small spaces. The more white in a room, the lighter and airier it feels. Use simple patterns or neutral accents to add interest and dimension. Love your small space and want to maximize it? Go cozy instead with dark walls, a velvet headboard, and a patterned rug.

Make walls work

Use wall hangings such as mirrors, floating shelves, and artwork to create space and the appearance of things feeling bigger. Floating shelves are great solutions for nightstands, headboards and storage. Plus they blend into the wall for a seamless look in a small area.