Blue Kitchen Decor Is The Newest Trend To Try

Blue Kitchen Decor Is The Newest Trend To Try

While white and neutral kitchens have been the go-to kitchen color schemes over the past few years, there’s a new trend coming this way: blue. Most likely popular due to its versatility, the color blue can be used across different styles from contemporary to traditional. Keep reading to see why we believe blue kitchen decor is the newest trend to try!

New take on black-and-white

If you’ve been staying on top of the tuxedo cabinetry trend, then you know how popular black kitchen cabinet styles are! Although still popular, Pinterest claims that blue is the new black for home decor as pins are up 80 percent in 2017… an 80 percent increase is hard to ignore! However, it makes sense since blue is a much cooler take on the sharp contrast between black and white.

Offers many different shades

Blue comes in many different shades from aqua to navy and pastel blue, and each can be a great addition to the kitchen! HGTV suggests that you consider what you already have in your kitchen, and what you plan to add such as the backsplash and other items. If you need more dimension, you may just need to paint an accent wall. Otherwise, you can keep the kitchen as is, and purchase blue kitchen decor such as barstools and tableware to add some personality.

Navy cabinets are taking over

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are trending everywhere. When we think about it, there are only good things to say about blue kitchen cabinets! They work well both on their own and as the dark component of tuxedo cabinetry. Plus, if you’re worried about the kitchen color schemes becoming too dark, remember that blue complements light colors very well. You can still keep the countertops and backsplash white to bring lighter elements to the space.