Brighten Up Your Kitchen With These Colorful Tables


Ready to bring a little life to your kitchen? Go beyond adding pottery, flowers, and kitchen towels and make a bold statement with a colorful kitchen table. It’s definitely a new idea when it comes to design, and an unconventional way to add a dose of color to the room. Get inspired with these ideas and add some excitement to your kitchen!

Dive into the blue

Blue is 2019’s “it” color for sure, so why not bring the color to your kitchen in the form of your dining room table? Cool and classic, blue adds dimension to the space and looks good in almost any setting. Consider lighter shades all the way up to electric blue…you really can’t go wrong!

Spring into lilac

Yes, we are suggesting a adding a purple table to your kitchen! Tones such as lilac and eggplant are balanced with using warm neutrals and natural tones…think white walls and brown, wooden dining chairs. Combine this look with a big burst of color with a purple dining table and your room will feel artsy and sophisticated.  

Keep them blushing with pink

Nothing says spring quite like pink, and adding a hot pink table in the kitchen is a unique way to bring the color into your home. Have a table you love already? Freshen it up with a coat of primer and some hot pink spray paint…you’ll have a whole new look in an hour.

Brighten up with orange

Orange is the perfect color if your home is more modern in design. Like purple, orange looks great with wood finishes, so consider adding wood chairs or benches to complement your table. Crisp white lighting fixtures and walls balance out the boldness of the table.