Celebrity country kitchens

Some of our favorite celebrity kitchens are a little more down-to-earth and evoke more of a country, home cooked sunday meal style...with just a touch of luxury.

Ever wondered if celebrities actually cook their own meals? After seeing near-empty fridges on a dozen episodes of “Cribs,” it can be hard to believe, yet some stars are actually quite chef-y. Some celebs have over-the-top kitchen designs with luxurious materials, ornate cabinetry and a ridiculous amount of cooking space. A few of our favorite celebrity kitchen designs are a little more down-to-earth and evoke more of a country, home cooked Sunday meal style…with just a touch of luxury.

Renee Zellweger’s house in Connecticut is the perfect country setting for a cozy kitchen. White kitchen cabinets stand out against the old-fashioned, dark hardwood flooring. Black hinges and door knobs lend a barnyard feel to the kitchen cabinets while light wood countertops keep the space warm. Add in a wall full of windows and you have the perfect country kitchen to cook in all year long.

– Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s gothic- and Victorian- ​inspired estate in Beverly Hills is not a place one would assume to have any sort of country inspired decorations. However, Ms. Osbourne’s lovely kitchen is warm and filled with rooster and cow Americana wall art decorations. A distressed, blue colored island is the perfect place to eat breakfast. Dark cherry stools surround the working space, which combines paneling on one side and drawers and cabinets on the other. Stainless steel appliances pair well with the cream colored cabinets and shelving units. Multiple hanging chandeliers above the island add extra light to the already sunny room.

While you might not be able to enjoy all the perks that most celebrities enjoy, you can still have a star-like kitchen with the right cabinets and appliances.