Celebrity kitchen spotlight: Jensen Ackles

Not all your cabinets need to be the same color.

"Supernatural" star Jensen Ackles approached home-buying the same way many of us do. He bought his Malibu house, flaws and all, and then gutted the place, renovating it to fit his and his wife's personal style. The project yielded one truly impressive and unique kitchen. Here's what the couple added:

Marble countertops

Most countertops we see are made from granite, which is a beautiful and durable material. Marble, however, is gorgeous in its own right: Smooth and unmottled, few lines run through this stone selection, making the countertops look like they were made from larger slabs.

More than just a backsplash

The hand painted navy and white backsplash tiles in Ackles' kitchen extend up much farther than normal, creating a gorgeous feature wall. It's a look you can recreate in your own home – there's no reason that backsplash material can't be used elsewhere in your kitchen design.

Multicolored custom cabinetry

Ackles's kitchen island cabinets are a deep, dark brown, while the rest of his kitchen cabinets are a creamy off-white. The combination gives the room character and personality without seeming too mismatched.