Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Ready to freshen up your kid’s bedroom, but not sure what the latest and greatest ideas are? From old to bold, today’s bedrooms are as unique as your little one. Read on for a few of our favorite 2019 kids bedroom design trends.

Abstract shapes

Many of the current abstract designs typically feature hand-drawn images from artists. Freehand shapes, animals and other designs are sometimes bold and simple (think black and white) or can also be colorful. As an example, take a look at the “Oh Joy” brand from Target…quirky, fun and full of personality…just like your little one.

What’s old is new again

The 80s are back and everything’s coming up rainbows and unicorns! From accent pillows to bedding, bright bold colors are accented with grid and geometric shapes. It just wouldn’t feel like the 80s if there wasn’t a few patterns mixed with neon colors and a unicorn stuffed animal…sounds pretty rad, right?!

Go bold (and a little crazy)

Taking risks and having fun are a big trend in 2019 when it comes to kids bedroom ideas. A room that is too matchy/matchy is becoming overdone. This year designers are looking to bring vibrant colors to the room with bedroom paint ideas and the use of bold furniture and rugs. Consider mixing oranges, lime green and deep blues to really make a statement.