De-clutter your new kitchen with a creative appliance garage

Hide appliances behind custom cabinets to create a clutter-free kitchen .

Anyone who has done kitchen remodels may have heard of an appliance garage, a place to store kitchen appliances so that there’s less clutter and they’re out of site. There are several types of appliances garages – some more literal than others. Whichever type a homeowner chooses, it should fit his or her lifestyle and make work in the kitchen easier. 

Sometimes, custom cabinets can serve as appliance garages. A homeowner can design the shelf heights to fit their microwave, toaster, blender and whatever else they use regularly and want to have a place in the room. Retracting doors are a nice feature to add on so the appliances can easily be hidden. Traditional cabinet doors are also a wise choice because they blend in with the rest of the kitchen design, suggesting everything is neat and in place behind them. 

Even if you can’t find cabinet space for these appliances, there are other ways to trick the eye into thinking they’re hidden. Place a butcher’s block table in the corner of the room and neatly place everything above and below it. Use pretty distractions such as fresh flowers and framed pictures near the appliances so that they become part of the kitchen’s decor. Get creative with your storage options, and soon your new kitchen will appear clutter-free!