Decorate with Houseplants Like a Design Pro

There are many benefits to having potted plants in your home…from improving air quality to boosting your mood…plants have a powerful effect. They can also do wonders to improve the aesthetic of your home, which is why designers use plants to decorate, with the pot being just as important as the plant itself. Here are a few ways you can use houseplants to decorate like a pro.

Use them to say hello

Set up a “green” welcoming committee by clustering a group of plants in your entryway. Use various sizes to create a focal point, from larger plants such as Elephant’s Ear , to a cluster type plant such as a split-leaf philodendron. Try using pots to tie designs together.

Make your kitchen succulent

While succulents have become a big design trend in the home, not all are created equal and many don’t thrive indoors. In addition to the sunlight they are after, they need good air quality, making the kitchen a great place for them. Those that do well? Alos, dyckia, euphorbia and sedum burrito. Remember to water sparingly…less is more.

Lift them up

Use a taller than usual pot to give your houseplants importance and height in the room in a way that is elegant, but not distracting. Planters in muted shades of grey or brown create a neutral base for most designs.

Hang them

Suspending plants from the ceiling is a great way to create a focal point in the room. Think about using three all-green spider plants hung from varying 70s macrame plant holders to create a unique design.