Decorating With Green For Spring: Pull It Off In Four Steps

Decorating With Green For Spring: Pull It Off In Four Steps

According to the Pantone Color Report Spring 2017, the best color choices for this season are bright, vivid, and invoke a sense of earthiness. And if you ask us, one of our favorite spring colors does just that! In fact, Pantone recommends two tones of green to try out this spring: kale and greenery. Here’s how you can begin decorating with green for spring in just four steps.


A quick way to begin decorating with green is to focus on your home’s accessories. Luckily, you don’t need to paint an entire room green or completely re-do your flooring! Here are a few ideas on how to add green accents to your home: throw pillows, couch blankets, light fixtures, picture frames, rugs and mats, plateware, candles, and curtains.

Utilize plants to the fullest

Who doesn’t love plants and greenery? They clean the indoor air AND they’re beautiful when used as eye-popping design pieces! Pungent plants and terrariums are great kitchen design pieces, and larger houseplants fit well within the living room. In fact, olive trees are a widely trending houseplant!


Tiles and mosaics are design ideas that incorporate well into the bathroom and kitchen. You can easily utilize a mellow shade of green on the backsplash or use it in mosaic tiling incorporating shades of green, blue and yellow. Just make sure that any color shades used in your bathroom complement your green bedroom decor and vanity cabinets.

Cabinet color

If you have the renovation budget, one of our favorite ways to decorate with green is through a custom cabinet design. Whether it’s a pastel green as seen in the attached image, or a deep emerald shade, green cabinetry brings an intrinsic quality indoors.