Earthy kitchen designs

Brighten up your kitchen with warm, earthy colors. Try an olive colored cabinet design to make a bold statement.

Go green in the home (literally) with earthy tones in your kitchen design. The hue can be featured as the main attraction or used as an accent color to decorate the heart of the home. Follow these design tips to bring nature right into your home:

– Complement olive green walls with cream painted doors and window trim. The off-white color is less harsh than stark white. Frameless cabinets in an earthy wood finish add a bit of an outdoorsy feel to the kitchen. 

Have fun with a multi-colored backsplash! Create a pretty, abstract pattern using different shades of green, tan, brown and cream for a high-impact finish. These natural tones really stand out against mocha-colored framed cabinets

– Try out the popular mint trend in the kitchen with colored cabinets. The light finish looks regal using framed cabinets throughout the space. Keep the rest of the kitchen palette soft with a white marbled countertop and backsplash. 

– For a subtle hint of color, top off your black framed cabinets with an olive-toned marble countertop. The pop of green is unexpected and helps liven up a dark kitchen design