Embrace Your Inner Hygge and Bring Minimal Mindness to Your Kitchen

If we’ve learned anything from some of the biggest 2019 design trends so far, it’s that we should be embracing a simpler, minimal mindset in life and in our homes. From Marie Kondo teaching us how to change our lives through the art of tidying up, to the resurgence of the Scandavian design style Hygge, 2019 is definitely about less is more.

It may seem easy to apply these concepts to organizing your life or in designing other rooms in your home, but what about your kitchen? That practical room where you and your family seem to spend so much time? Well we’re here to tell you that the kitchen is actually one of the best places to adopt the concept of Hygge. Read on and discover how straight lines, subtle artistic touches, and neutral, natural  tones and woods can bring a pared back vibe to your kitchen design.

The Power of Hygge

Hygge, pronounced hue-guh,  is more than just a design style, it is considered a defining characteristic of Danish culture, where a focus on coziness and comfort creates an overall feeling of well-being and contentment. Those who truly understand Hygge, know that it is about a feeling, or the “art of creating intimacy.” So when looking to embrace this “feeling” in your home, think of words such as comfort, security, familiarity, simplicity, and kinship.

Simply put, the power found in embracing a Hygge lifestyle is about just being aware of a simple moment. Hygge in the home means creating a sense where when someone walks into your home they immediately get the “I love to live here vibe.” Hygge homes are zen-like and are considered an excellent stress reliever as well.  

To master the art of hygge, think of interior design as just another way you can delve into your senses. With design elements ranging from light and textured to a hint of color, the art of Hygge makes it easy to create a space people want to spend time in. You’ll know you are in a Hygge home when you see an overall neutral color scheme, candles, warm throws, natural wood tones, and furniture that balances form and function.

A Decidedly Minimal Kitchen

To apply the concept of Hygge in your kitchen design, start by looking at how the room functions. If Hygge is about a feeling of calmness and enjoyment, then an unorganized kitchen with inadequate storage with a bad flow is not the way to go! Look to renovate your kitchen cabinets in ways that help you add more space for enjoying guests and family, or creates room to spread out and cook meals. Also consider customized storage solutions in your kitchen remodel that fit your lifestyle perfectly. Look for simple, clean lines or frameless cabinets; eliminating molding, heavy finishes, and bulky hardware.

When it comes to types of cabinet finishes, consider all natural woods in your cabinet styles such as bamboo or sapele; beautiful finishes that are accentuated by the neutral color palette. Bringing the outdoors in is an essential component to a Hygge home. Also consider a large, functional kitchen island (butcher block is also a great option for countertops) surrounded by stools ideal for gathering with friends and family, or even adding a fireplace to your remodel…nothing says cozy like a warm fire in the kitchen.

Add the Hygge Magic

Once your kitchen remodel is done, it’s time to add the magic…finishing touches that will have you embracing your inner minimalist. Remember clutter-free is king, so make sure surfaces are cleaned off and organized, and any accents are limited to items such as plants, fresh herbs, cookbooks, and maybe a fruit bowl or a meaningful piece of china.

The intent here is to select a few favorite pieces that carry both function and subtle style, or offer a bit of nostalgia. Books you love, a crystal vase from your grandmother, or anything else that creates a sense of calm and joy. And don’t forget the rug. Not only will it make a statement and change the entire feel of the kitchen, the right rug brings warmth instantly to your kitchen.

If you’re wondering how to bring the coziness to your Hygge kitchen, the perfect place is your breakfast nook. It’s here that you can bring in pillows, flowers, and a warm throw blanket. More than just a place to enjoy a meal, your nook becomes a place to curl up and enjoy a cup of tea and read a book. Don’t forget simple plants and candles along with soft overhead lighting.

And in a true Hygge kitchen think about forgoing the bar and make that area a warm drink station where teas, coffee, and mugs are on display. A warm drink station adds to the inviting vibe where friends and family can feel part of your home by making their own drinks…this creates a more engaged, welcoming experience. Can you feel the Hygge vibe?