Experts Give Their Predictions on the Hottest Paint Colors in 2019

So many great colors, so little wall space! Paint color experts are already forecasting their top picks for the hottest paint colors for 2019. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the top choices from the experts.

Behr: Blueprint

The name sounds cool, but the color is nothing but pure warmth. The pros are already interpreting it in their own ways. Honest, approachable and inspirational, it is a color inspired by…you guessed it…architectural blueprints.

Surprised that blue tops the list? The Most Chic blog just surveyed kitchen design trend articles, and “The Color Blue” is #3 on their list!

PPG Paints: Night Watch

Classic luxury meets the restorative power of nature in this trending deep green paint color. Calming and invigorating, this color allows you to bring the outside in.

Dunn-Edwards: Spice of Life

This strong, enticing, spice-market blend adds a complex, flavorful seasoning to design palettes. The elements of orange in the hue give a grounded, substantial feeling to design.

Sherwin Williams: Cavern Clay

A warm orange-y hue, the shade calls to mind terracotta tiles and the sandy tones of the American Southwest. It will bring out your inner bohemian for sure.

Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan  

Timeless, this glam neutral will bring a quiet sophistication to any room, and blends beautifully with rich golds, creams and other metallics.

Interior Décor Trends: French Vanilla

It sounds like a latte flavor, but it looks like heaven on earth. Cream with a subtle presence of yellow has the power to illuminate a room by adding a sense of sunlight.

Décor Mag: Hazelnut

Warm and inviting creamy shades of hazelnut paint colors are sure to never go out of style…nor does it clash with existing furnishings, as it makes for one comforting go-to hue.