Front Door Color Trends for 2019


Spring is a great time to update your home’s curb appeal with a fresh new look. From landscaping to painting your front door, making minor changes can go a long way in how the exterior of your home looks. Don’t underestimate the value sprucing up your worn and tired front door can give your home…it is afterall one of the first things you and your guests will see. So where to start? Read on for some of our favorite front door color trends for 2019.


This one is no surprise since Behr’s Color of the Year is Blueprint. Described as honest and approachable, it makes for an excellent choice for your front door. Add brushed nickel or black hardware as a finishing touch.


As cooler colors continue to trend in 2019, teal is on the top of the list for front door options. Light, crisp, and calming, a teal front door is also memorable…revitalizing your home’s appearance without being too dramatic. Choose a teal paint that has gray undertones as an option that works well with gray exteriors and white trim.


A long standing front door favorite, yellow promotes happiness and positive energy. Nothing like the feeling of sunshine all year long! Go with a lighter shade, or be bold with something golden…no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with this cheerful choice.


Yes, we said pink. Now before we lose you on this one, hear us out. A pink front door tells the world you are romantic, cheery, thoughtful and generous, and there is definitely a time and a place for a pink door. From shades that are soft to bright, pink can be a curb appeal game changer.