Heat Things Up with Southwestern Style


Inspired by artisan-created elements, geometric patterns, and bold colors, designers are looking more and more to the southwestern style to make a statement in homes. A mix of Spanish and delicate bohemian styles, southwestern design brings in natural elements such as iron, wood, and leather combining rich beauty with a rugged appeal. While you may  not want to go full-on rustic for your kitchen cabinets, read on for how you too can bring the southwestern style to your home.

Start small for big impact

Not sure where to begin? The beauty of the southwestern style is you can be subtle with it to start, and it works well with other design styles. Start with just a dresser in your room, or a table in your entry. Something simple is easy to incorporate into your existing interior design. Build on the look by mixing in small, decorative pieces inspired by the desert.

Create a focal point

Consider creating a focal point in the room and then build upon that. In the living room for example, give your fireplace a makeover and refinish it in white stucco with a wood mantle. Reminiscent of Spanish decor, southwestern style uses elements and materials in earthy tones…mixing whites with rich brown baskets, brightly colored orange, red, and blue rugs and pillows, and plants in pottery. The mix of calming neutrals and bright pops of color you’ll create a warm, inviting setting.

Shape things up

A signature design element of the Southwestern style is geometric patterns. Use your entryway as a place to display a square or diamond shaped piece of art and then add a modern looking entry table, and layer accessories in various heights and sizes. An unusual cactus in a bright pot, baskets, and bold colors in corals and golds round out the look…think desert sunsets when looking for inspiration.