Here’s How to Create the Perfect Guest Room

As you prepare to host family and friends over the holidays, now is the  time to make a little behind-the-scenes “magic” happen so your guests are as comfortable and merry as possible. Here are a few tips to help make your visiting loved ones feel right at home, in your home.

Clear the clutter

If your guest room looks more like a storage unit, it’s time to clear it out. Make sure there is space for your guest’s personal items such as suitcases and travel bags. If you can, offer a small bedside table or dresser to place items, and room in the closet to hang clothes.

Fresh sheets

Fresh linens are a must. Consider having a little fun and use sheets with a holiday theme to set the tone.

The bed is so important when it comes to your guest’s comfort. Take the time to make sure it’s comfy and cozy, and don’t forget an extra pillow or blanket.

Change the towels

Fluffy comfy towels are a luxury any guest will appreciate. You can also add a holiday theme to the bathroom for die-hard holiday lovers.

Add a gracious touch

Flowers say “welcome” like nothing else. Any will work, but what about a potted poinsettia instead? They can even take it with them when they leave! Don’t forget to stock up with quality toiletries, and add some scented candles or potpourri…these can wrap your guest room in a delightful, welcoming aroma.

Provide entertainment

Offer a stack of holiday-themed books or favorite holiday movies to watch while falling asleep. Favorite magazines or the hottest new book are a perfect bedside table addition.

Serve a snack

A small basket on a dresser is a nice touch…something they can snack on without having to ask you as the host. Some ideas include popcorn, hot chocolate, peppermint bark brownies or even warm chocolate chip cookies.

Make it comfortable

Think about guests varying temperature preferences and provide a stack of cozy warm blankets. You can also Include a small safe portable heater in the room or a table fan. Maybe even a small sound machine? White noise can help with sleep when guests are in a new place.