How Smart Technology is Changing the Home

smart homes

What was once a luxury addition in homes, technology is now making an impact in a big way when it comes to home design. From smart appliances to entertainment options and more, there has definitely been a shift in the way consumers look at incorporating technology into their homes. Check out some of these latest ideas for adding a little high-tech to the bath, kitchen and throughout the home.

In the bath

Kohler is leading the way in technology with a just launched line of smart home products for the bathroom. Voice-controlled mirrors feature built-in speakers, and allow you to choose your preferred lighting. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet focuses on water efficiency and also includes a heated seat, personalized cleansing, built-in speakers, and Alexa compatibility. Technology also applies to the tub, as PerfectFill helps you create the perfect spa-like bath experience. Voice-activated, it fills your tub with your preferred depth and temperature…allowing you to draw the perfect bath every time.  

In the kitchen

With touchscreens that will populate recipes directly from Pinterest, a refrigerator that reminds you when you are low on milk, and the ability to heat up a bowl of soup just by placing it on the counter, technology in the kitchen is on the verge of changing the way we cook. Samsung’s Family Hub smart refrigerator is already doing many of those things. It’s touchscreen allows you to search the internet, play music or shop for groceries. Inside the fridge, two cameras let you determine what needs replacing without even opening the doors…and you can use the supporting app to take a peek inside when you are out shopping to see what you need.  

For the home

In most homes the daily battle for the charger is one of the biggest issues everyone has, right?! But wireless charging will change all that by using safe, invisible light to charge phones and tablets. Wi-Charge’s technology provides enough power to charge a phone from across the room, and there’s more to come…they are currently collaborating with several partners to create wire-free appliances and charging devices. This could be one the biggest trends in home technology we see in 2019.