How to add pops of color to your kitchen

The biggest kitchen design trend these days? Color - and lots of it.

Deep reds, royal blues and candy-apple greens may not be your first choices when it comes to planning your kitchen design, but don't be too quick to diss explosive colors. When done tastefully, they can make a beautiful kitchen even more memorable and personalized. If you've never dabbled in statement hues before, it's a good idea to start small and build up. A good rule of thumb: The most expensive, permanent fixtures in your house should be done in neutrals that will complement a variety of shades, and the smaller, more transitive decor pieces can be brighter and bolder. Here are a few ways to do it:

Dish towels
Sometimes the best ways to add color to your kitchen are the most inexpensive. If you're new to bright, eye-popping shades, this is a great place to start! Hang them over the handle on your oven, and give yourself a week or two to decide how you feel about your accent color.

Bar stools
Chairs make a particularly unexpected splash of color because they are almost always rendered in neutral wood. Bar stools can be made from all sorts of materials, from burnished copper to stainless steel to translucent acrylic. Just make sure that your chosen color contrasts well with the color of your counters. 

Second only to dish towels in terms of transitivity, appliances are a great way to add color in almost commitment free. Kitchen tools like hand mixers, microwaves, coffee makers and even refrigerators come in vivid shades these days and require absolutely no painting or grouting.

Floors and ceilings
There are plenty of kitchen flooring options beyond dark brown hardwood and cream-colored tile. If there's a bright color you feel you'll still love five years from now, the best place to put it may be right on your floor. You can either opt for one solid hue, a mosaic quilt of tiles, or an unexpected print – it's totally up to you.

One of the most striking ways to incorporate color into your kitchen? Your pantry door. Just keep in mind that this will be the focal point of color – all other pops of color should be subtle and small. 

A fun, unexpected accent color is an incredibly popular kitchen design trend, especially as we move into 2015. The key to making it work in your space is starting with a strong neutral palette, like rich custom cabinets, quality appliances and plenty of room for creativity.