Hygge is Still a Thing: Bring Cozy Scandinavian Simplicity Home this Winter

Want to beat the winter blues in one of the trendiest ways? Hygge (pronounced “HOO-gah”) took the world by storm in 2016. It’s both a lifestyle and design trend that is recognizable by its Scandinavian simplicity, modern decor, plush accents, and homey details. As part of the Scandinavian culture since the 18th century, think: “warm glow of candlelight” and “snuggling up with hot cocoa and a good book.” Here are some ways you can hygge up your home this winter.

1. Scandinavian design

Hygge takes to heart simplistic modern furniture, handmade crafts, and rustic accents like wood, slate, and stone. Think simple cabin-chic at its best. Above all, it’s about enjoying and appreciating the little things in life.

2. Light and bright

Avoid dark and dreary shades, go with creamy whites and delicate shades when looking to add color.

3. Get comfy and cozy

Fur accents, plush flokati rugs, and thick blankets are very hygge. Use fluffy pillows and soft comforters, along with layers of blankets to create a cozy design.

4. Light it up

Three words: candles, lights, fire, because it just wouldn’t be Hygge without the warm glow of light. At the core, Hygge represents warmth and togetherness, and is most fun when enjoyed with loved ones.

5. Add neutral colors

Colors should contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and peace, so be sure to avoid overwhelming your rooms with color. Stick to a neutral color palette for creating a relaxing space…consider using pastel colors like light greys, browns, and creams.