Mid-Year Review: Why These 2019 Kitchen Design Trends Have Staying Power


Just call this your mid-year kitchen design trends check in. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to consider what’s trending, but also be sure to incorporate design ideas that are going to last for ten years or more. Remodeling a kitchen is a significant long-term investment you are making in your home, so your design choices need to reflect that. No pressure, right? So when looking at the most popular kitchen design trends of 2019, which ones have the most staying power? Take a look at a few of our predictions. 

Storage Walls

Think of these as the new and improved butler’s pantry. Storage walls hit the kitchen design scene a couple of years ago, and they haven’t looked back since. Beautiful, yet functional, they bring all the right solutions to your kitchen. Nothing short of an organizational guru’s dream, storage walls easily help hide the chaos small appliances, dishes, and food can bring to your countertops. Talk to your custom cabinet company about varying heights and doors/drawers so you end up with storage solutions that fit your lifestyle. 

Seamless Stone Countertops, Backsplashes and Shelving

One trend we hope is here to stay is the seamless look of continuous stone countertops, backsplash and even wall shelving. A clean and modern look, this type of stone finish adds an add element of simple elegance to your kitchen design. Open shelves made of matching stone provide a unique way to display kitchen utensils, dishes, and one of 2019s other big kitchen trends: mirrors in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Islands

From free-standing to built-ins solutions, kitchen islands are back, and in our opinion here for the long haul. Think functional and beautiful with additional storage, prep space, an extra sink, and more seating, there are endless design possibilities when it comes to materials, color and countertops. When it comes to kitchen design ideas, a kitchen island is also a great way to insert some of your personality into the room and create an interesting focal point. 

Head to the Dark Side

Say goodbye to white and consider going a little darker…even black. Add unexpected color with paint, appliances, and cabinets. Think vibrant colors such as greens, terracottas, and blue tones, and go with those that make the room feel elegant and energetic. Worried about going too dark all at once? Use pottery, art, and other decor to bring those colors to your kitchen…this gives you the opportunity to try out different colors without a major initial investment.

Break the Rules

From mixing and matching metals to transitional design, one of our favorite trends is the ability to break the rules in your kitchen design. When mixing metals consider using brass or gold hardware on your cabinets, while adding chrome faucets and lighting, and black iron bar stools. Transitional design is when traditional and modern styles come together to form one look. One of the things we love about transitional design is it offers the freedom to explore more ideas when decorating your home…the opportunities are truly endless. When done right, transitional design gives homeowners the best of both worlds and allows creativity to shine. There’s a certain freedom that isn’t found in other styles and keeps things fresh…you’re not married to one design that may go out of style soon.


What’s old is always new again, so you really can’t go wrong with incorporating vintage elements into your kitchen remodel. Vintage is everywhere, and mid-century style all the way through the 1970s is inspiring designers. From rattan to vintage light fixtures, these pieces are being mixed with modern cabinetry and tiles to create a traditional design with a bit of a vintage vibe.