Popular Design Trends of 2018 & How to Use Them in Your Home This Winter

2018 Design Trends

As the temperature drops and we leave the carefree days of summer behind, we are definitely ready to nest. That often sparks the urge to redecorate, and it’s not always just about blankets and hot chocolate mugs. Here are six of the hottest home design trends from leading home design experts to warm up your home this winter

1. Oversized Florals — House Beautiful Magazine

Love flower prints on a large scale? Us too! Watch for big blousy designs with a pre-Raphaelite style. You’ll find them on cushions, bedding, murals, and more. The key to design success with big florals? Surround them with simplicity so they stand out.

2. Graphic Prints — West Elm

Large-scale prints are all the rage, especially when it comes to rugs, and displaying on walls or ceilings. Think of them as the signature piece in any room.

3. Blonde Wood — My Domaine

This winter, wood color is warming up with lighter versus darker and cooler wood tones. Warm blonde is one of the hottest trends we are seeing and is expected to become much more mainstream. Find cabinet inspiration here.  

4. Curved Furniture — Style at Home

According to Style at Home, curved furniture is the hottest trend of the year. This revival of Art Deco and French Modernism movements can be effortlessly integrated into almost any aesthetic due to its simple elegance.

5. Mid-Century Modern — Living Etc.

Somehow this 1950s chic never goes out of style, and is quite popular right now. Homeowners are finding inspiration everywhere — in restaurants, hotels, bars, and luxe new apartments.

6. Nature Indoors — Décor Mag

Bringing the outdoors in means warm and natural elements, and earthy luxury. From handcrafted furniture and decor to the addition of pebbles, granite, marble and more, this trend satisfies those looking for an environmentally-friendly lifestyle throughout their home.