Some of our Favorite 2018 Art Trends for Homes

2018 Art Trends for Homes

This year we’ve seen an abundance of elegance mixed with casual bursts of exciting color, and the use of natural elements in the home. Use of these interior design elements are also showing up in some of the most popular art trends of 2018. Here are a few of our favorite concepts to consider when it comes to refreshing the walls in your home.


“Escapism” is a big trend this year both in the home and in travel, and you definitely see it quite a bit in art. Whether it’s pieces featuring beautiful long-lost places, vintage travel posters, or vibrant landscape photography pieces, this trend will set a definite mood in your home.


Want your home to feel very current? Go with timeless black and white photography . From famous portraits, to bold cityscapes, this style makes it easy to find something you love and will work well in your home.  

Bring on the purple!

Purple is definitely the 2018s “it color,” and lives up to its depth and passion when used in art. Signifying  creativity, experimentation and non-conformity, art with purple hues is a bold choice. Other vibrant 80s colors are also very popular right now…think pink, aqua, mint green, along with metallics.

Ladies first

The female voice is being heard in 2018 and that is very evident in art as well…with amazing pieces of and by women popping up everywhere. Bold, raw, beautiful, a female-centric piece will make a powerful statement in your home.