Staycation Ideas for Summer We Love

summer staycation ideas

Whether you are on a budget this summer, can’t take the time off work, or maybe you have young children and travel can be difficult, it’s still possible to find ways to feel like you are on vacation! Read on for some tips on how to have the best summer staycation ever!

1. Go on a foodie tour of your hometown

Create a plan by doing a little research on Yelp or other local review sites, or talk to friends about some of their favorite places to eat. Then plan a day where you can stop in at several places for breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner; working in some local sightseeing in between.

2. Make it a movie day or night

Go beyond the typical Friday night at the movies to make this feel special by seeing the first movie of the day. Gather the family and hit up one of your favorite breakfast places first before seeing the show. Or head out that evening, but skip the movie theatre and head to the drive-in. Pack the car with blankets, pillows, chairs, and snacks and treat the kids to movie night under the stars

3. Everyone gets to pick

Each person in the family has their own personal ideal way they would like to spend their vacation right? With this idea, have each family member write down an activity on a slip of paper, then put those in a jar, and choose a new activity each morning. Everyone is happy!

4. Have dinner delivered every night

Can’t go to Hawaii? Have authentic Hawaiian BBQ delivered to you! In fact have all your dinners delivered for a week…place a stack of take-out menus on the counter and choose a place each night. Then find fun places to enjoy the meals together…maybe a living room picnic, or outside in the backyard?

5. Other ways to truly relax

With technology today it is increasingly difficult to disconnect…especially when you are at home. To truly enjoy your staycation, consider turning off (or even better, turning in) phones for a day. Put an out of office on your personal email and don’t read it for a week. Stay off any social media and don’t watch the news as these can bring on stress. Or go really crazy and even consider stopping the mail for a week just like you would if you were on vacation!