The jet-setting traveler’s kitchen design

The jet-setting traveler's kitchen design

Home is where the heart is, but that doesn’t keep plenty of avid travelers from jumping on planes, trains and automobiles any chance they get to visit foreign locales. While traveling has its definite perks (the sights, the food!), coming home to a kitchen design that’s both welcoming and reminiscent of your many adventures is just as great. So what kind of kitchen design best befits the constant jet-setter? Consider these tips.

While we might be snapping thousands of photos with our cameras, there’s still nothing like picking up a postcard for ourselves from a famous museum or local shop. And once home, you’ll need a place to put all of these. While a fridge equipped with plenty of magnets is helpful, consider setting up bulletin board space on one wall as well.

Wall art
If your postcard board hasn’t taken up too much wall space, why not celebrate your favorite cities around the world, from Paris to Tokyo, with photos, maps and paintings? These reminders are sure to incite plenty of nostalgia.

Custom cabinets
On a practical note, the constant traveler doesn’t have much time to worry about clutter or expired food in the cabinets. Stay organized and in charge with custom cabinetry!