These Ideas Will Change the Way You Think About Your Laundry Room

Ahhh, laundry. We all have it to do it, and it just seems relentless in its need to get done. The entire process of sorting, washing, drying, and putting away can feel like an accomplishment, only to have the mess start all over again the next day. And if you have a big family, the load can feel neverending. But are there ways to make this almost daily chore easier? What if you began to look beyond the simple functionality of the laundry room (washer, dryer, a place to store cleaning supplies, etc.), and changed the way you thought about your laundry room. Why not focus your attention on the room where you spend hours each week doing a chore you many not enjoy at all, and see how you can really make that space work for you. By working in a few special features, you might even make the laundry room one of your favorite places in the house. Read on for several ideas that will change the way you think about the laundry room––who knows, it might even become your own private sanctuary. 

Bring on the Color

The laundry room is the perfect place to experiment with color. Select cabinet color choices in soothing colors to create a bright, yet peaceful space (think greens and blues). Offset bold cabinet choices with more muted and understated flooring and countertops. This approach balances out the bold cabinet paint selection and keeps things from being too over the top. If going too bold with your cabinets color makes you a little nervous, choose all white or light grey and then bring color in through your accessories. Include some built-in shelves in your cabinet designs, and then display colorful towels, baskets, art, and other items. Then use closed cabinets for storing detergent, cleaning supplies, bleach, etc. You can also consider choosing a multi-color cabinet scheme. Complementary shades in a more neutral palette creates something memorable, and can help brighten up very small spaces. 

Make Functional Fun

Probably one of the biggest investments you can make in your laundry room is by adding tools that will help you keep things organized and make it easier to complete your weekly laundry task. Things so helpful you might actually want to do the laundry! Some tips include: built-in pull-out drying racks in the cabinets, fold-out ironing boards, and even create a spot for the family’s furry friend but adding a cut our pet door under a laundry room sink. Looking for even more cabinet space? Add slim storage cabinets in the space between the upper cabinets and the countertop (where your backsplash typically would be), and store smaller laundry care items there. Adding a Smart TV or built-in speakers are other ways to keep you motivated and entertained while working away.  

Make It Work For You

If you really want to change the way you feel about doing laundry, then you need to make that room work for you. Families of four or more could be doing 10+ loads of laundry a week (and that’s just clothes). If you are considering a laundry room remodel, work with your professional on a space plan that allows you to double up on your washer and dryer and create your own personal laundromat. You’ll cut the time you spend doing laundry in half, and be much more efficient with your time. Add a tall dining table to use as an area to sort and fold––it can even double as a place for you to sit and work on your computer while the laundry is going. If you have a generously sized utility room, you can also make the room work harder for you by turning it into a laundry/mudroom combo. Include a row of hooks to hang coats, backpacks, etc from and a built-in bench that matches your cabinets for a cohesive look. It can also be a great place to include a pet bathing station to wash off muddy paws. This is especially ideal if your laundry room is located close to the back door, or has a door leading out to the yard. And don’t forget the benefits of having a built-in sink in the laundry room. From washing hands to treating stains on clothes, a sink is just one element that will help you create a calm, self-contained laundry room.